Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Season 2014

Welcome to my brand new blog!

A lot of modifications will be made in the future as the layout is pretty much non-existent.

Anyway this is more like a first trial. In this blog I will write on a regular basis about my Sport activities and how I prepare to my big goals in Summer. At the same time I also try to blog about themes I am processing in Osteopathy that I think might be of interest to you.

By the very end of 2014 I will have to hand in my undergraduate dissertation. This will influence my year to a quite big extend as it is just an addition to everything else which does not make things any easier.

Last September I started to work at the clinic of the European School of Osteopathy. This is both challenging and fulfilling because most of the patients responded so far quite well on my treatment.Nevertheless it feels like I am taking the first step of a very long journey - the journey of my life.

I have the desire to go new paths (figuratively speaking) in 2014. My aim is to perform well at the skyrunning world series (SWS) with competitions in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Until the season in the mountains can start I will prepare myself with local races in and around Kent. Like in recent years I will go to Giverola (Spain) for almost three weeks to get ready for the season.

I am really looking forward to these adventures. I am also very happy to count again on SCOTT which is an excellent sponsor and partner. Thank you guys!

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